SMBs not Embracing Virtualization?

August 29, 2011

Virtualization is a definitely hot technology in the IT world, but surprisingly, is still not widely adopted among small and medium businesses (SMBs). CRN article “Many SMBs Struggling With Virtualization: Survey” says that SMBs that have already deployed virtualization onto their environments. Only 10% of those that have implemented the technology have not completed their virtualization plans and most have admitted that their are not paying enough attention to their backup and security environments.

It might be because virtualization is a fairly new practice within SMBs, but it is undeniable the advantages of virtualization as opposed to traditional IT practices.

If you’re an SMB and want to learn more about best practices, check out this video. Also check out StoneFly’s patented virtualization technology on their virtualization page.


Banks, ATMs and IP Surveillance – a Match Made in Heaven

July 15, 2011

The other day, while just clicking through the web, I found this article “How to Gear Up ATM Security Using IP Surveillance?” and it really caught my attention. We all know that IP Surveillance has its advantages, (including higher levels of image resolution, etc.) but there is no other industry that benefits from an IP environment than banks.

Here are some highlight advantages that the article addresses:

  • High resolution streaming makes it possible to detect thieves with much precision than CCTV.
  • Mobility of IP enables surveillance personnel to access video footage remotely.
  • IP Video prevents a process called “skimming” from ATMs.

Want to learn more about how to implement IP to your surveillance environment? Watch this informative webinar on DNF Security’s YouTube page.

Server Virtualization: Game Changer for Mid-market Businesses

June 27, 2011

Last week I came across this interesting whitepaper on about the rapid growth of server virtualization practices within mid-market businesses. Just over the past few years, the jump to server virtualization among midsized enterprises have increased dramatically and is expected to grow up until 2012. Here are some key findings:

  • 30% of midsized companies (worldwide) started server virtualization before 2009, but that number doubled by the end of 2009
  • 75% of companies expect to implement server virtualization by 2012
  • From 2009 to 2012, the use of server virtualization jumped nearly 46% (from 29.1% to 75.1%)
  • Transition to server virtualization compelled to upgrade and deploy storage area network (SAN) appliances
  • Within the next 2 years, implementing disaster recovery to virtualization efforts becomes a big priority

Want to learn more about server virtualization? Here are some helpful links.

Cloud Market expected to reach to $241 billion by 2020

June 22, 2011

The Cloud Computing market, although a somewhat young technology, is definitely claiming its stake in the IT world. According to Forrester Research, the entire market is expect to grow from $40.7 billion this year to $241 billion in 2020.

Namely Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is expected to plateau in 2014 with revenues projected at $5.9 billion. IaaS, which is where storage and server resources are hosted by a service provider and then outsourced by individual organizations, is definitely an infrastructure that has some attractive points including higher efficiency, limitless scale and faster and easier deployment of new services and systems.

To learn more about cloud computing watch this video. Also find out how our cloud computing appliance, the StoneFly Cloud USS, provides IaaS to deliver storage fit for the cloud.

Shifting Technologies – Analog to IP Surveillance

June 20, 2011

In the world of surveillance, IP-based technologies are changing the paradigm of the video surveillance infrastructure. With the IP industry growing an average of 30% every year, according to IMS Research, it seems that this rapid growth is closing in on the usage of older CCTV analog technologies. IP solutions has its fair share of advantages, namely, high resolution video streaming as well as  easy networking and scalability abilities – all resulting in a environment that is ready to take on more demanding surveillance applications.

However if you currently use analog and are thinking about adding in high resolution IP-based cameras or storage to your environment, don’t think that you need to completely do away with your analog solutions. Think “Hybrid Surveillance“.

Here are some links that you might find useful:

Virtualization and Cloud Computing – Who’s winning the battle?

June 16, 2011

It all started in the data centers and then quickly spread to consumer-based services as a means to easily store your data. From running business-critical applications to safeguarding your complete collection of Beatles songs, we see  the “cloud” coming over the horizon, revolutionizing the way we house our information. But with all this talk about the cloud, don’t forget that virtualization is still a widely adopted solution in the data center arena and has been over the past few years.

According to the 2011 Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud Survey, 75% of large enterprises that participated in the survey are considering both server virtualization and hybrid cloud computing platforms. Interestingly enough due to virtualization’s maturity in the IT space, enterprises that have implemented virtualization have been vastly satisfied with their infrastructure – only a 4% gap between the expectations and achievements.

Learn more about Virtualization and Cloud Computing technology on the links below:

  • Learn more about our Cloud and Virtualization appliances on our products page

Look for DNF Corp. CEO on

June 15, 2011, Australia’s leading security and surveillance news portal has featured DNF Corp. CEO, Mo Tahmasebi on their “Security Leadership Series“. Learn more about the CEO, DNF Security, and how we can expect for DNF Security in the future.

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