Secrets to Affordably Protecting Critical Data

November 7, 2011

Whenever IT managers assess the value of their company’s data, they should ask two basic questions: 
    1.  What is the immediate impact if we lose access to the data?
    2.  How quickly must we regain that access?

The answers to these questions will determine the type of required data protection. Fundamentally, data that is essential to the business and represents the company’s lifeblood requires the highest level of protection, since losing essential data could financially cripple or kill the business.  Therefore, restoring access to this critical data needs to be immediate and as close to the point of loss as possible.

 The catch is that the cost to acquire this level of protection can be financially crippling as well. Fortunately, not all data requires the highest level of protection.  Companies that classify and segregate their data based on access patterns and value can lower the cost of data recovery by using a tiered data protection strategy. We recommed StoneFly white paper ‘The Secret to Affordability’ to assess your company’s data and create your tiered data protection strategy.


Technology Tribute: H.264

September 30, 2011

H.264 MPEG-4/AVC

Does it ever seem like technological innovation is making life more complicated, not less? H.264 Video compression technology might be the exception that proves the rule. With the ability to provide higher resolutions within smaller files than competing codecs, H.264 has drastically increased the amount of video data that can be captured, transmitted and stored by a single system.

Compared to the preceding technology, H.264 allows users to transmit video clips using up to 80% less bandwidth. That means the same pipe that once carried a single feed can now transmit five. H.264 video encoding also dramatically reduces storage requirements, permitting users to store and retain more images. In the words of one video compression expert: Better compression means greater flexibility – the more efficiently data is handled, the more choices you have with your existing resources.” For more information about H.264 video technology, check out this article By Yu Kitamura in Security News.

Speed up your Storage with Solid State Drives

September 21, 2011

Arguably the most important data storage innovation in decades, the Solid State Drive (SSD) continues to revolutionize enterprise storage.  SSDs speed and reliability make them the preferred solution for I/O intensive applications. Now, solid-state storage is getting even faster with PCIe SSDs. These card-based devices exploit the incredible bandwidth advantage of the PCIe interface to eliminate HBA bottlenecks and provide high bandwidth, low latency access to storage resources. At StoneFly, we are testing PCIe SSDs in our new StoneFlex Unified Storage & Server (USS™) Appliance.

Click here for more info about USS™ and read how StoneFly is using the latest technologies to enhance SAN performance.

We will be at HostingCon with LSI!

August 8, 2011

StoneFly will be at HostingCon this week from August 8th to 10th! You can find us at the LSI booth (#335) of the San Diego Convention Center. We will be giving demos of our StoneFly USS IP SAN with LSI.

Visit the HostingCon website at more information.

Medical Doctors Associates choose StoneFly for Data Backup Upgrade

July 6, 2011

Medical Doctor Associates (MDA), a national medical staffing company, was a fast growing business that soon found that their aging fiber channel appliance simply did not cut their ever growing IT environment.

Lacking the ability to network their off-site servers and storage, MDA’s was struggling with a difficult and overall limited backup infrastructure. With this in mind, the company chose StoneFly’s ISC IP SAN and expansion units to implement a three-phase plan that:

  • Fully virtualized and networked IT infrastructure
  • Allotted for ease-of- manageability from StoneFusion OS’ ability to allocate and reallocate critical resources
  • Created a scalable storage solution
  • Accelerated performance exponentially by adding an expansion unit with SAS 6g RAID architecture

Learn more about how StoneFly’s line of high-performing IP SAN solutions helped MDA on this case study.

Cloud Market expected to reach to $241 billion by 2020

June 22, 2011

The Cloud Computing market, although a somewhat young technology, is definitely claiming its stake in the IT world. According to Forrester Research, the entire market is expect to grow from $40.7 billion this year to $241 billion in 2020.

Namely Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is expected to plateau in 2014 with revenues projected at $5.9 billion. IaaS, which is where storage and server resources are hosted by a service provider and then outsourced by individual organizations, is definitely an infrastructure that has some attractive points including higher efficiency, limitless scale and faster and easier deployment of new services and systems.

To learn more about cloud computing watch this video. Also find out how our cloud computing appliance, the StoneFly Cloud USS, provides IaaS to deliver storage fit for the cloud.

DNF Security Product Spotlight – Falcon Video Storage Series

June 21, 2011

Powerful yet cost-effective, DNF Security’s Falcon Video Storage Series is ideal for entry-level or midrange surveillance environments in need of a reliable video storage and management solution. All Falcon appliances solutions are simple to install, easy to use, and utilizes the latest in surveillance technology to scale and grow your environment at your own pace.

Check out our over 25 different flavors of Falcons on our products page.