How to Install VMware ESX

March 30, 2009

Looking for a step-by-step guide to installing ESX Server? Check out this 8 minute tutorial from David Davis, a certified VMware Server instructor.

If you’d like to learn about using StoneFly with virtual servers visit our virtualization section, virtualization video tutorials,  or download our virtualization ebook.


DNF Corp Newsletter: March 2009

March 26, 2009

In this month’s DNF Corp newsletter:

  • DNF’s award for top technology innovation of 2008
  • The new Voyager IP SAN
  • ISC West tradeshow
  • and much more

Read the full March newsletter.

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Using Encryption to help compliance efforts

March 26, 2009

A few months back we announced IP SAN-based encryption for our ISCs.  This new feature is pretty uncommon in IP SANs, and I know many of you were wondering how to use this in the real world.  Enterprise Storage Forum has a great article on how SAN encryption can help security and compliance initiatives.  Check it out.

Here are a few ideas on applications for encryption for your SAN:

  • Protect data at an insecure (less secure) datacenter
  • Protect data when shipping systems between facilities (how many lost back up tapes have you heard about?)
  • Adding security against the theft of physical systems
  • Protect separate storage pools from other departments

How are you considering using encryption?

We’ll be at ISC West next week (booth #24129). Join us!

March 24, 2009

The largest and most attended security event in the U.S. is back. ISC West will be in Vegas from March 31- April 3, 2009. We’ll be exhibiting with Accu-tech in booth #24129.

Our CEO, Mo Tahmasebi will be speaking on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 about IP Surveillance, and storage. Check out the education session details:
IP14 – Moving from Perfect Data Storm to Perfect Data Form with Effective Camera Management and Storage Strategies

Are you looking to attend the show? Click the image below for FREE exhibit passes:

Find DNF at ISC West:
Booth #24129 (Accu-tech)
April 1-3, 2009
Las Vegas, NV

Disaster Recovery and Backup for SharePoint 2007

March 23, 2009

Are you using Microsoft’s SharePoint for document management?  We are, and so is the CIA (the government goes “Web 2.0”).  Follow the link below for tips, tricks, and instruction on using SharePoint’s built in tools for backup and recovery!

Keep in mind:

  • SharePoint has a built in backup tool, but it doesn’t get all of the data
  • Backing up the SQL database that SharePoint is stored in helps, but you need a full version of SQL server
  • Store your backups away from the primary SharePoint data repository
  • SharePoint backups retain the security info, so make sure that your backup is running from a server that can authenticate via the same method on the same network

This tutorial is really good, and includes screenshots of SharePoint’s backup tools.  We’d recommend layering your backup plans and policies by using the built in application tools, as well as advance storage management to keep a complete, and safe backup.  Use SAN based replication, and mirroring to complete your plan.  Also look for integrated tools, that are application aware, like snapshot agents, to maintain data integrity.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 backup and disaster recovery tutorial

First Impressions of Citrix’s New Virtualization Solution

March 20, 2009

Are you looking to upgrade your server virtualization software?  XenServer 5 is out now: faster, easier and free.

Check out this article from Linux Magazine that gives a step-by-step review from installation to performance of Citrix’s new solution, XenServer 5.  Chris Hess gives details on his hands-on experience and shares his first impression of XenServer 5.

Which app are you using today:

What do you look for in your virtualization software? How can current solutions improve? Comment below.

StoneFly News: New IP SAN, the Voyager

March 18, 2009

Today we announced a new IP SAN platform, the Voyager:


The Voyager offers SAS, SATA, SSD and 1 or 10 gigabit ethernet.  It is also our fastest SAN yet, supporting over 950MBs/s over 10G.  This SAN is redundant and active active everywhere from storage controllers to power supplies to cooling fans.   The best part?  It’s ~$30,000 for 16TB.  Learn more about our new SAN by checking out the links below.