MDA switches to StoneFly’s IP SAN to expand and revamp data backup procedures

December 13, 2011

Medical Doctor Associates (MDA), involved in providing quality medical staffing to the healthcare community recently faced issues as their entire data center was dependent on a FC- SAN.  Large amounts of data being processed on a daily basis demanded much superior data backup as well as storage procedures.

The problem: Apparently, MDA’s IT department deliberated a switch of their data from their fiber channel network to a backup tape. This process was inadequate and could not meet time constraints. Another issue that cropped up was the insufficient options offered by fiber channel storage, making data storage less scalable. All this led them to switch to a three phase plan to achieve their expansion in data storage.

Approach used to get the desired solution used the three phase plan to transfer data, explained in simple terms below:

Phase 1.  Migrate pre-existing files by creating a disk to disk (D2D) backup. – uses StoneFly’s ISC 2402 S-    Class IP SAN.

Phase 2.  Achieve scalability by using StoneFly’s ISC- 2402E S- Class Expansion unit, using RAID 6, for storing data involved in applications.

Phase 3. Performance enhancement, using StoneFly’s ISC -2402 E S- Class Expansion Unit with SAS 6g RAID architecture.

StoneFly’s IP SAN storage is a good choice in providing a solution to MDA’s problem due to the following key factors:

  1. Versatility of appliances.
  2. Ease of data management
  3. Advanced features that could not previously be achieved with Fiber channel storage.
  4. Reasonable pricing.

For more details about the products used for this type of storage, Please go to StoneFly’s IP SAN products.




Practical RAID Optimization

December 6, 2011

There    are  many    factors   to  consider   when    optimizing   your   RAID    configuration,   such   as   reliability, performance, cost, access times, application type and operations under degraded mode. These factors influence how your RAID configuration is fully optimized. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of various RAID levels need to be considered and compared with the IO workloads to determine the best configuration for your solution.

Storage experts at StoneFly Inc. have conducted an extensive research. This paper specifically   addresses   SMB   and   SME   RAID   implementations   with   current   technology   and  practical   application,   taking   into account   manufacturers   features   and   capabilities   targeting   these   two  markets.