Technology Tribute: H.264

September 30, 2011

H.264 MPEG-4/AVC

Does it ever seem like technological innovation is making life more complicated, not less? H.264 Video compression technology might be the exception that proves the rule. With the ability to provide higher resolutions within smaller files than competing codecs, H.264 has drastically increased the amount of video data that can be captured, transmitted and stored by a single system.

Compared to the preceding technology, H.264 allows users to transmit video clips using up to 80% less bandwidth. That means the same pipe that once carried a single feed can now transmit five. H.264 video encoding also dramatically reduces storage requirements, permitting users to store and retain more images. In the words of one video compression expert: Better compression means greater flexibility – the more efficiently data is handled, the more choices you have with your existing resources.” For more information about H.264 video technology, check out this article By Yu Kitamura in Security News.


DNF Security to Showcase its Falcon VME and Seahawk Integrated IP Storage Systems at ISC West

March 9, 2010

We are excited to be a participant in the IP Technology Advancement Center (IP-TAC) at the ISC West trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 24th to the 26th. This booth (#24068), produced in partnership with ISC and PSA Security Network, will showcase DNF’s storage solutions with other integrated IP based systems from leading IP technology providers.

We will showcase our Falcon Video Management Engine (VME), a standalone management gateway for high availability, redundancy, scalability and simple integration with IP storage.  In addition, we are exhibiting our Seahawk 1602 Series’ open platform compatibilities with the most highly developed video software and IP cameras.

To make an appointment with DNF Security at the show, please click here and a sales representative will contact you shortly. Also, check out the news release to learn more about DNF events at ISC West.

MNVR: The True Transit Surveillance Solution

February 23, 2010

Surveillance on transit systems has been employed on various scales in every part of the world as public safety becomes more of a pressing issue. However, the older traditional systems typically have low resolution, fixed monitoring, and lack flexibility to increase the number of units. These systems do not provide the proper real time surveillance capabilities needed to capture every day activity.

Instead, transit systems need on the go surveillance with the flexibility to scale as storage needs grow. One solution is the ruggedized mobile surveillance which complies with military standards. This guarantees a perfect solution for moving medium surveillance where it can absorb shocks and vibrations. Real-time surveillance is provided by using cellular network to connect and allow live streaming as well as playback. In addition, it comes with Wi-fi built that offers wireless connectivity for new wireless IP cameras along with the regular IP camera. It can transfer hundreds of Mb data pretty quickly to archive them to remote storage.

Ruggedized Mobile Surveillance – Built to Move!

January 15, 2010

The mobile video surveillance market is expected to double by 2015 (Frost & Sullivan, July 2009), but are you equipped with the right system to handle harsh conditions?  As proven by Military Standard testing, a good Ruggedized Mobile Surveillance system lasts longer, is safer from damage, and the right ones can communicate via multiple types of transmission.

To learn more about what to look for in a solution, sign up for our informative webinar Ruggedized Mobile Surveillance – Built to Move on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 11am PST. 

We will provide in-depth information on standard mobile surveillance systems, the significant differences of a ruggedized solution and how DNF Security can fulfill those needs.

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Sheriff’s gun stolen from car, video footage poor

August 21, 2009

The crime: A Georgia sheriff has his gun, radio, GPS device and briefcase stolen from his car in broad daylight at a public parking lot.

The problem: The video surveillance footage shows merely a figure with no detailed information. All police can identify is the suspect’s body and car type. Check out the video:

The solution: Think about investing a little more in higher definition cameras. Higher resolution = higher likelihood police identify the suspect.

DNF Teams with Nuuo for all-in-one hybrid video system

June 16, 2009

We have teamed with NUUO, a leading video software maker, to launch the new Falcon Hybrid N Series. This solution is ideal for security administrators looking to incorporate the latest IP technologies, while still supporting existing analog investments. The Falcon N supports up to 64 recording channels, up to 8TB of video storage capacity, and integrates advanced NUUO digital video software, including Central Management System (CMS).

Want to learn more about the benefits of having a hybrid surveillance platform? Leave a comment, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Onssi on why IP surveillance makes sense

April 29, 2009

Remember when you purchased your first digital camera?  It was easy (sort of).  You could take as many pictures as you wanted.  And purge the crappy images later.  There was instant preview.  You could email the pics without a scanner or a trip to the photo store.  Pictures went from special occasions to daily occurrences.  This same thing is happening in surveillance.  As people transition from analog  video to digital video and IP technologies, a whole new world emerges.  Images are higher quality.  You can make out faces, nail polish color and name badges.  You can act, or react immediately based on the footage.  You can analyze the footage.  You can view the footage remotely:  from home, on your mobile, or when you are out and about.  Each of these features of digital video are opening up new opportnities for physical surveillance.

If you want to learn some of the basics on IP video, check out the link below.

From Security World Magazine:

Why is everyone migrating to intelligent IP video surveillance?

Intelligent network-based video surveillance technology based on Internet Protocol (IP) can transform yesterday’s analog CCTV system into tomorrow’s feature-packed security management tool. And it is available today. The technology infuses the power of video into a company’s security infrastructure and delivers value not just to the security department, but potentially — through open architecture connectivity — to almost every part of a business and even to the bottom line. No wonder everyone is migrating to IP-based intelligent video surveillance. The economic benefits are as clear as the numbers on a ledger sheet — although these benefits are sometimes not clearly communicated to company management. This article will describe the basics of IP video surveillance — the technology and its security benefits — with an emphasis on its costs and its value to transform security.

Gadi Piran (CEO, OnSSI) via – IP Video: Winning the Future.