Onssi on why IP surveillance makes sense

Remember when you purchased your first digital camera?  It was easy (sort of).  You could take as many pictures as you wanted.  And purge the crappy images later.  There was instant preview.  You could email the pics without a scanner or a trip to the photo store.  Pictures went from special occasions to daily occurrences.  This same thing is happening in surveillance.  As people transition from analog  video to digital video and IP technologies, a whole new world emerges.  Images are higher quality.  You can make out faces, nail polish color and name badges.  You can act, or react immediately based on the footage.  You can analyze the footage.  You can view the footage remotely:  from home, on your mobile, or when you are out and about.  Each of these features of digital video are opening up new opportnities for physical surveillance.

If you want to learn some of the basics on IP video, check out the link below.

From Security World Magazine:

Why is everyone migrating to intelligent IP video surveillance?

Intelligent network-based video surveillance technology based on Internet Protocol (IP) can transform yesterday’s analog CCTV system into tomorrow’s feature-packed security management tool. And it is available today. The technology infuses the power of video into a company’s security infrastructure and delivers value not just to the security department, but potentially — through open architecture connectivity — to almost every part of a business and even to the bottom line. No wonder everyone is migrating to IP-based intelligent video surveillance. The economic benefits are as clear as the numbers on a ledger sheet — although these benefits are sometimes not clearly communicated to company management. This article will describe the basics of IP video surveillance — the technology and its security benefits — with an emphasis on its costs and its value to transform security.

Gadi Piran (CEO, OnSSI) via SecurityWorldMag.com – IP Video: Winning the Future.


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