StoneFly Makes CRN Magazine’s Virtualization 100 List

May 23, 2011

StoneFly is proud to announce that CRN Magazine has chosen us to be on their Virtualization 100 list. Featuring the top 100 vendors in the virtualization space, this list 100 is specifically hand-picked by the editorial staff of CRN. The list serves as the de facto resource by which VARs can begin to evaluate the best virtualization products for their business.

We are honored to be a part of this list as we continue to push the boundaries of virtualization in the IT space. To learn more about the CRN Virtualization 100, read our latest press release.


StoneFly Releases Scale-Out Clustered SCVM™

May 9, 2011

Today StoneFly releases the Clustered SCVM, a powerful virtual IP SAN software appliance designed for VMware environments. This fully redundant and fault tolerant IP SAN software can be created from two existing virtual servers, and is ideal for your virtualized and cloud environments.

With this latest release, the new clustering feature eliminates the risk of hardware failover by recognizing failures within a virtual storage server and instantaneously switching its resources to the other virtual active storage nodes.

To learn more about Clustered SCVM visit or call us at (510) 265-1616. Also read more about this release on our latest press release.

StoneFlex USS is a Finalist for “Storage Virtualisation Product of the Year”!

May 2, 2011

StoneFly’s StoneFlex USS is a finalist for UK’s Storage Magazine annual Storage Awards. We are excited and honored that the product has been nominated for the “Storage Virtualisation Product of the Year” category.

Released in late 2010, the StoneFlex USS (which stands for: Unified Server and Storage) was engineered to fully consolidate your datacenter in one fault-tolerant appliance. With the ability to drive several virtualized operating system in one storage system, this dynamic solution can meet more demanding applications, while allowing for complete hardware utilization and reducing overall operating costs.

To learn more about the Storage Awards and how to vote for us, visit

Virtualization Takeover

December 23, 2010

“Virtualization” has been a major buzzword these days in the world of IT. With so many enterprises virtualizing their datacenters, it is definitely becoming a new way of computing.  I recently read this interesting article: “Is Server Virtualization The New Clustering?“. It gives some great insight on the trends of virtualization and how it can reduce operating expenses, while increasing resource utilization and making management much easier.

Want to learn more about virtualization? Check out this whitepaper or great overview video on

Top 5 things you need to know about StoneFly’s SCVM™

December 1, 2010

This week we launched the Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM™), StoneFly’s first IPSAN software appliance. We are excited to bring this new and innovative product out to the market, which is why we compiled the top 5 things you need to know about the SCVM™. So here they are:

  1. SCVM™ is a virtual IPSAN, which can be used on your existing virtual server
  2. Currently SCVM™ can be used on VMWare and Hyper-V environments, and soon Xen (which will be available on Q1 of 2011)
  3. It is ideal for your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
  4. This appliance lowers operational datacenter costs and increases RTO
  5. You can download a FREE trial version of SCVM™ on the StoneFly website

Learn more about SCVM™ and what it can offer you, check out our latest Press Release or call us at (510) 265-1616.

IP SANs in a Virtual Server Environment Webinar on 4/7/10

April 1, 2010

iSCSI has finally come into its own as a networked storage underpinning for virtual server environments (, 2010), but are you equipped with the right IP SANs solution to handle your virtual environment?  Implementing a fully featured managed SAN has never been easier. The combination of server virtualization and IP SAN technology gives you tremendous flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements quickly and without the hassle.

To learn more, sign up for the IP SANs in a Virtual Server Environment webinar on Wednesday, April 1, 2010 at 10am PST.

We will provide in-depth information, highlighting how to use IP SANs in a virtualized environment. In addition, there will be several demonstations, including how to configure IP SANs within a VMware environment and how StoneFly can fit your VMware environment needs.

Click here to sign up for the informative webinar.

NavigateStorage Discusses the Voyager IP SAN

December 17, 2009

Here’s what storage expert Jim Addlesberger  had to say about the Voyager IP SAN in his recent blog post:

In direct competition with Equallogic the Voyager IP SANs are designed to offer active/active controllers, improved redundancy, high-availability and fast performance – at a lower price point. Using high-performance storage interconnects, the Voyager product family is designed for enterprise environments looking for a versatile SAN for primary and secondary storage applications.

With support for SAS, SATA, and SSD drives for online transaction processing, database, email, disk based archives, disk to disk backup, virtual servers and other core applications. The cornerstone of the Voyager is their storage virtualization engine, which offers quad-core processing power, dedicated iSCSI Cache, and our StoneFusion storage management operating system.

Don’t believe us, read what Reuters had to say in March of 2009. And at 10Gb speeds the Voyager is a screamer.

Speaking of 10GB you should let us tell you about H3C a division of 3COM. Combining the Voyager and H3C’s 10GB switches gives you a very economical, performing and secure solution.

The Voyager not only supports 10GB but also Solid State drives as well.

Allow us to arrange an informative conference call to tell you more.

NavigateStorage 978-318-9000

For more information about the Voyager, sign up for our Wednesday webinar.