Will Cloud Storage Replace Local Storage?

With Cloud Storage gaining hype in providing storage solutions and recent developments in its technology, there is a mis-conception that local storage will soon become outdated.

As much as Cloud storage is useful for some applications, local storage is preferred for applications that demand better storage options. This is so because large enterprise applications need high speed access to their storage, which is not practically possible by cloud storage due to the low WAN access speed to the cloud.

Also, in Local storage, you are in control of your data, it is accessible without an internet connection and more secure when compared to the data stored on a cloud.

Although cloud storage is perfect for enterprise computing, local storage benefits outweigh cloud storage.

For more information on the local and cloud storage solutions, visit StoneFly’s iSCSI.com.

The link below talks about StoneFly’s product, Windows ESS, giving you a better understanding on how Local as well as Cloud storage solutions can be uses as per the enterprise’s requirement.



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