DAS to SAN Migration Using a Storage Concentrator™

A common side effect of server consolidation projects or implementing a centralized Fibre Channel SAN is scores of unused disk arrays. Many organizations are reluctant to perform that they call ‘forklift upgrades’.

Through our extensive analysis we have found three ways to migrate captured server disks (direct-attached external JBOD or RAID) to an IP SAN (Internet Protocol Storage Area Network) using the StoneFly Storage Concentrator™. This StoneFly whitepaper clearly explains the three methods of converting storage to an IP SAN using the Storage Concentrator.

P.S – The document assumes that that you are an IT administrator in a small to medium business (SMB) who is responsible for this migration. It assumes that you are familiar with Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 OS, iSCSI, IP SANs, SNICs (Storage Network Interface Cards), and StoneFly’s Storage Concentrator solutions.

Happy reading!


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