Buying IP cameras online: Things to Consider

Seen a camera online for cheap? Thinking about buying it?  Well it seems harmless enough, but what if you run into installation, compatibility, or support issues?

I ran across a post on IPVideoMarket.Info that reveals an emerging trend of online camera purchases, and digs deep into the long-run issues (read the comments). Sure, if you need one camera for simple home surveillance then online buying may be logical. But what if you need 24 cameras for multi-site recording at high-resolution? Unless you change your own motor oil, do your own plumbing, cut your own hair, and  sew your own clothes, why not leave security configuration to the pros?

Online purchases tend to be cheaper and offer a wide selection, but how many people know if they are choosing the right camera for their deployment? Get in on the conversation, leave a comment.


5 Responses to Buying IP cameras online: Things to Consider

  1. Thanks for recommending the post. I agree that it’s a complex decision that users should carefully consider.

    Btw, the link in your post to my post seems to be broken currently.

  2. Shonal Narayan says:

    Fixed the link. Great post John, I look forward to reading more from you.

  3. cost is certainly not the best motivation to get a quality product.

  4. Spy Cameras says:

    Yeah if you need a professional solution you’re definitely going to want homework done on your possible solutions. You can often find reviews on the systems though to help in this area.

  5. much appreciated lots, I must announce that your site is excellent!

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