We’re ready for vSphere. How about you?

Today, VMware is set to launch vSphere.  The new datacenter OS.  And the latest versions of ESX Server and the Virtual Infrastructure.

We’ve been busy (though not quite as busy as they were :D), getting our StoneFly SANs ready for the next generation ESX Server.  I’m relieved to say, our next generation SANs are here now.

Check out our announcement on our vSphere support.  Any current StoneFly SAN will support the latest version of ESX server.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Are you using another hypervisor?  See what other virtual server platforms we support.  And here are some details, on how we work with VMware.

If you have some time tomorrow, we’re hosting a webinar on server virtualization and iSCSI storage, sign up for it on 4/22 at 10A PST.

Above I mentioned next-generation SANs.  Did you know that we have 2 product families that support SSD, SAS, SATA and 10 gigabit iSCSI?

Learn more about our Integrated Storage Concentrators and the StoneFly Voyager.


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